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Image Loading Helpers in the Bedrock, Aka, Codebase

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Developing for the modern web has a lot of challenges. Some has been overcome and addressed by the evolution of HTML, and there are lots still being actively discussed on the WHAT-WG mailing list, and more and more being implemented by the various browser vendors.

In fact it has grown way beyond just the evolution of HTML and is now an all encompassing goliath, we lovingly call The Open Web Platform. Then there is of course the device ecosystem. Growing and expanding at a dizzying pace. With larger form factors, devices with high density displays, audio and video capabilities that puts many DSLR cameras to shame.

Two Little Known HTML5 Attributes

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The new HTML5 specification has introduced an array of new elements and attributes, some more useful than others, and some better implemented and supported.

Of course, if you want to know whether you can safely use one of these, there is the indispensable There are some though that has flown below the radar but, that can be very useful.

Here I am going to look at two of these lesser known attributes that I have recently stumbled upon.

Tabzilla Static Released

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Tabzilla, the Mozilla universal tab, has been around for a while and today, we are happy to announce that a new version of Tabzilla has been released. This latest release introduces quite a few changes though so, let's take a look at those.

Firstly, it is now a static ribbon style tab. This means there is no longer a drawer that opens when clicking on the Mozilla wordmark but instead, this will now simply take the user to the landing page for the site.