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Tabzilla Static Released

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Tabzilla, the Mozilla universal tab, has been around for a while and today, we are happy to announce that a new version of Tabzilla has been released. This latest release introduces quite a few changes though so, let's take a look at those.

Firstly, it is now a static ribbon style tab. This means there is no longer a drawer that opens when clicking on the Mozilla wordmark but instead, this will now simply take the user to the landing page for the site.

This also means we no longer need any JavaScript and so, we are no longer injecting jQuery on the page if it is not present or, not the version Tabzilla depends on. This makes for a much lighter Tabzilla but, if you have been relying on Tabzilla injecting jQuery for you, you will now have manually add it to your page.

This does not have to add extra overhead to your server as you can include jQuery using one of the many CDN service such as Google or jQuery's own.

Another dependency we no longer have, is the Open Sans font so, there are no more @font-face declarations in the CSS to load the font. If you have been relying on the font being made available via Tabzilla, then you will have to include it as with jQuery.

As with jQuery though, you can load Open Sans using Google Fonts and therefore not add any additional overhead to your server.

Somethin else that is new to Tabzilla is your options for adding it to your site. You can go ahead and download an archived version from the releases page, if you use Bower to manage your dependencies, you can now install Tabzilla using Bower!

Install Tabzilla with Bower
bower install mozilla-tabzilla

If NPM is more your style, well then you are in luck. Simply add Tabzilla to your list of dependencies or, install it from the command line as follows:

Install Tabzilla with NPM
npm install mozilla-tabzilla

For more information about usage, please see the README on Github. I sincerely hope you will like the new lighter Tabzilla and welcome your comments. If you run into any problems, please open an issue on the Github repo.