Schalk Neethling

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Schalk Neethling

Font-End Engineer

I am a coder, a writer, a musician. A parent, a husband. I am a creator, a dreamer. I am not a follower. I'm a human being walking along the uncertain path of life, trying to make sense of it all. I drink thirstily from the fountains of knowledge but, my thirst is unquenchable and so, I keep seeking out new things, new experiences, new ideas.

I love to share freely, widely, these things I learn, these morsels that inspire and fuel my passion, in hopes that somewhere, someone might be inspired to learn, create and share a like. We need a society of curious folk who ask questions, who wants to know what's under the hood, and not just accept the status quo. Without free thinkers our creativity as a people will be stifled.

I am passionate about the Open Web and what that truly means. For me, it means free access to information for all. No matter your ability, borders, language or beliefs. It means a right to privacy, to not be tracked and to have the freedom of choice. I am therefore proud to work for a company who, in large part, share these beliefs and actively work to protect our Open Web.

On a lighter side, I love music, film and spending time with family and friends. I am kinda gullible sometimes and care a bit to much... I can often rant on, and on, and on (my wife will attest) but in the end, life is pretty darn interesting and there is not much a good glass of red wine, a warm cup of coffee, and some good food cannot fix.

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